The building consent & producer statement, for any racking project, is made up of various producer statements.

A PS1 is a document from a registered engineer that ensures the racking planned for the project complies with current codes set by various New Zealand standards. This is the initial document that allows materials to be ordered and manufacturing to be correct. This is required to start the Building Consent process.

After installation, a PS3 can be issued by the installation company, if required, to advise they have followed all requirements on the PS1.

A PS4 is a sign off by the registered engineer which states the work has been completed in accordance with the PS1 and that completed the project. This in turn allows the Code of Compliance to be issued for the Building Consent.

It is usually the responsibility of the building owner/occupier to obtain a Building Consent and we provide the PS1/PS3(if required) and PS4 to assist in the process.