Minimalist Retail StoreIt is undeniable that one of the best parts of owning a retail store is designing one. The interior of the store not only affects the way products are presented, but it also has a major impact on the overall shopping experience of your customers.

Not all retail stores have large spaces, however. Many store owners have to make do with a venue the size of an average studio flat – wasting space is not an option.

Go for the Minimalist Route

Excellent visual merchandising is key to keeping a store’s appearance impactful. It is important to know how much you have on your hands and what exactly you want to achieve.

If a retail store has minimal space, to begin with, a minimalist interior is a highly suitable design. Go for angular furniture and structures rather than curves and protruding textures. This makes for a straightforward design that directs the gaze towards your products rather than everywhere else in the room.

It’s All About Elevation

Ditch the short display tables and think vertically. According to Jerry Birnbach, a respected store-planning consultant, displaying items on varying levels helps you maximise the space that you have in your store. Since the products are at eye-level with your customers, they will also inevitably find your display more visually appealing.

Libby Langdon, a respected interior designer and author, also mentions that stacking items from the ceiling to the floor like bookshelves draws the eyes upwards, creating the sense of a larger space. Shelving Shop Group’s durable and aesthetically valuable wall mounted display shelves are designed to offer space-efficient solutions to retail stores. They’re easy to install and can carry heavy items for your display needs.

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