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  • Wall Bar In Use Aluminium Wall Bar

    Aluminium Wall Bar

    $12.00$36.00 excl. GST
    Simply screw to the wall & add the RMS Brochure Holders of your choice.
  • RMS Brochure Holder Display RMS Brochure Holders

    RMS Brochure Holder

    $2.25$473.20 excl. GST
    TypeSize (Overall) W x H x D (mm)Carton Quantity
    A4 Brochure Holder224 x 285 x 3228
    A5 Brochure Holder160 x 202 x 3252
    DLE Brochure Holder110 x 202 x 3260
    Short Base100 x 22 x 8812
    Long Base100 x 22 x 18012
  • Brochure Holders

    6550A4 4 Pocket Brochure Holder
    6551A5 4 Pocket Brochure Holder
    6552Tri-Fold 4 Pocket Brochure Holder
  • 4A Acrylic Magazine Holder

    3mm Clear Acrylic

    • A4 size
    • A4 Oversize (for magazines)
    64304 Pocket225mm715mm100mm
    64314 Pocket245mm715mm100mm
    64325 Pocket225mm915mm100mm
    64335 Pocket245mm915mm100mm
    64346 Pocket225mm1075mm100mm
    64356 Pocket245mm1075mm100mm
    6440910mm mounting rail for display shelving
  • brochure holder trolleys
    1010mm WideFull Trolley – Two Sided
    545mm WideHalf Trolley – Two Sided
    Make up your own combination of holders.
  • 16TF16 x Trifold Wall Display
    450mm wide x 550mm high
    F8A416TFCombination Wall Display
    8 x A4 and 16 x Tri-Fold
    900mm wide x 680mm high
  • 6540A4 Freestanding Brochure Holder
    6541A5 Freestanding Brochure Holder
    6542Tri-Fold Freestanding Brochure Holder
  • Made to order.
    6410A4 x 6 - 280mm x 1460mm x 370mm
    Silver alloy and acrylic with slanted shelves.
    Two-sided display. Collapsible (concertina)
    with bag (450mm x 300mm x 150mm)
    6415A4 x 7 - 300mm x 1590mm x 390mm
    Black powder coated frame with slanted
    shelves and castors. Two-sided display.
    6420A4 x 8 - 440mm x 1380mm x 410mm
    Black powder coated frame with plastic
    coated wire shelves and castors.
    Single-sided display. Can also hold a
    mixture of A3, A4, A5 and DLE brochures.
  • Made to order.

    RESstdA4 - Standard Wire Stand, landscape or portrait
    Custom sizes made to order
    6450Outside A4 Holder
    260mm (w) x 330mm (h) x 110mm (d)
    Clear with black lid
    DLE and A5 also available