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Slatwall Panels and Displays

Shelving Shop Group offers a selection of slatwall panels and custom built display units for your shop, warehouse, or workshop space. Slatpanels allow you to showcase your products with ease and create a completely modular, versatile display that meets your changing needs. Slatpanels are ideal for stores with an ever-changing inventory.

A Wide Range of Accessories

Perfect for retailers and other commercial establishments, our slatpanels are available as wall panels or as freestanding gondola fixtures. They come with a wide range of accessories to accommodate virtually any item.

Choose from our expansive selection of brackets, hang rails, tilt supports, display shelves, shoe supports, brochure holders and more. All items can be slotted in place, providing a solid support for your products.

These slatpanel accessories can be removed and rearranged as needed.

Versatile Slatwall Panels

We have versatile slatpanels available in a range of sizes. Choose from either landscape or portrait panels, and from three degrees of pitch or slot spacing.

The panels come in white, but MDF (unpainted) and custom Melamine colours are also available. Inserts are made from aluminium with a smooth mill finish. You can also choose to forego the inserts altogether if you prefer. The optional corner flashing is made from aluminium.

Custom Display Units

Our custom display units are made to order. These freestanding slatpanel displays come in a variety of styles, including slat panel gondolas, infills, four-way panels and more, all designed and fabricated to suit your unique specifications.

Our display units are durable and long-lasting, making them ideal for heavy traffic areas. Slat panels are highly adaptable and promote your stock effectively and economically.

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