Mobile Shelving Systems

Shelving Shop manufactures efficient and space-saving shelving solutions for a wide variety of industries. With decades of experience, we are well-positioned to tailor our products to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our shelves are designed to optimise your office or store and allow you to organise your products with a seamless layout and easy navigation. One of our key products is our mobile shelving unit, a highly secure and sturdy unit ideal for storage spaces that have a high turnover rate of products. It’s highly versatile and can be adjusted to your specific requirements. Mobile shelving systems are a fantastic way to save space, time and money. Ideal where space is at a premium and you need to retrieve your files quickly and efficiently.


  • Space - great space saver
  • Secure - units can be locked for privacy
  • Strong - medium load capacity
  • Safe - and easy to use
  • Adjustable - shelves to suit your situation
  • Versatile - extra shelves or mobiles can be added later
  • Relocatable - units can be moved later

Maximising Limited Storage Space Efficiently