Display Shelving Units

Display Shelving Units

Commonly known as ‘Retail Shelving’ or ‘Supermarket Shelving’, our Display Shelving range of products is one of the most widely used systems in New Zealand.

Our Display Shelving is one of our most popular shelving ranges for supermarket display racks. With its high weight capacity and complete versatility, it’s the perfect option for a wide range of projects and will showcase your products at their best.

Shop for our display shelving units today. Ideal for any space, they allow businesses to strategically place goods in places that will catch the eye of potential customers. Due to their versatility and ability to maximise space, they’re efficient options for storing and displaying products. No matter what items a business has to sell, our display shelving units can accommodate them.


Display Shelving Benefits:

  • Commercial Strength
  • Compatible
  • Select your Componentry
  • Not supplied in box units
  • Wide range of fittings to suit
  • 80kg UDL per Shelf
  • Easy clip together system
  • Shelves adjustable per 25mm

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