Sturdy Display Shelves for Supermarkets and Retailers

As a leading supplier of shelving and storage solutions, Shelving Shop always aims for high quality. Our display shelving units and racks are designed to complement the visual appeal of goods while keeping them organised and protected.

Our products are used by grocery stores and supermarkets throughout New Zealand for a variety of display purposes. They are the preferred choice of retailers due to their sturdiness and adjustability. We also offer supermarket shelf racks for perishable and non-perishable goods, as well as dairy shelves for refrigerated items. Our shelves and racks can also be found in convenience stores.

Whether you require it for your corner dairy, Asian grocery, industrial showroom, or main street retail shop, our display shelving units fit almost every situation.

Shelving Shop Group’s Display Shelving system was designed by our team in New Zealand, to ensure it’s suitability for New Zealand’s shelving requirements.

With two supports under each shelf and heavy duty peg infill panels, this system is designed for the tough demands of the retail markets; both heavy and light.

With the aim to increase the value of your space, our design team won’t fail to deliver on our promise.