Dura Safety Expanding Barriers

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Dura Safety Expanding Barriers

$430.00$665.00 excl. GST

Expanding Barriers

  • 5.0m Wide x 1000mm High Yellow
  • 5.0m Wide x 1000mm High Red
  • 5.0m Wide x 1500mm High Yellow
  • 5.0m Wide x 1500mm High Red

Dura Safety

At Shelving Shop Group, we are very conscious of the forward movement toward a health and safe working environment. We strive to help our clients succeed in Health and Safety by increasing our offering of safety products at a  cost effective price, with easy to replace parts, if there does happen to be an incident.

We have designed these products very carefully to minimise the cost of repairing, instead of replacement.

This range of product is suited to any style of Pallet Racking, and with the safety Yellow or Red colour ensuring that your staff don’t miss the new additions to your warehouse.


Expanding Barriers

  • 4.0m Wide x 1200mm High Yellow
  • 4.0m Wide x 1200mm High Red
  • 5.0m Wide x 1500mm High Yellow

Post Protectors

  • 600mm High Clip-on Plastic


End Frame Protectors

  • 1100mm Wide Yellow Metal
  • 2300mm Wide Yellow Metal

Corner Protectors

  • 600mm High Yellow Metal
  • 1000mm High Yellow Metal