Pallet Racking Accessories

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Pallet Racking Accessories

Here at Shelving Shop Group we offer a wide range of accessories to suit your individual requirements.

Our pallet racking accessories offer improved functionality and convenience. All of our accessories are designed to meet the highest standards and manufactured from durable, quality materials.

Our range of pallet racking accessories is suited to a vast number of applications, from the retail to the industrial sectors. Precision engineered to the highest standards, Shelving Shop Group creates cost-effective solutions for all of your pallet racking and shelving needs.

Improve Functionality and Efficiency

Our pallet racking accessories are designed to improve functionality and efficiency in the workplace.

Mesh shelves allow you to store a greater density of smaller items without placing too much additional weight on the structure. MDF shelves have more heft and are a convenient, modular shelving option to meet ever-changing storage needs.

Our products make it easier to organise and keep track of your inventory.

Increase Safety and Stability

Many of our pallet racking accessories are designed to increase the safety and stability of your storage system. The Shelving Shop Group offers an array of shelf supports and pallet supports, as well as back mesh to prevent falls and item breakage.

Levelling plates and shims ensure that your shelving is always level and stable, minimising tipping risks and vibration. To secure your racking system, we also offer additional safety clips, safety pins and dyna bolts.

For earthquake-prone areas, we offer a heavy duty seismic foot, which makes your pallet racking system effectively earthquake proof.

Organise and Label

Keep your warehouse organised with data and label strips from the Shelving Shop Group.

We also offer informational signs, including a safe working load sign for your shelves, which serve as a constant reminder of the maximum load limit of your structure. In addition, we supply signs to navigate around your warehouse; labelling the rows as well as buildings, which helps to locate your product with ease.

For more information about our pallet racking accessories, contact Shelving Shop Group today.