Our Flow Racking, also known as Live Storage Shelving, is suitable for most situations, from Pallet Racking style shelving in chillers to A-Span style shelving in small parts areas.


  • First-in, first out (FIFO) Inventory Control
  • Reduced Handling Costs
  • Reduced Handling Equipment Costs (Forklifts)
  • Time & Labour Savings
  • Space Savings
  • Construction Cost Savings
  • Operation Expense Reduction
  • Decreased Forklift Damage
  • Flexibility in Storage.

The advantage of not having your staff personnel sharing the same space as forklifts and other machinery also adds strengths to your Health and Safety awareness as well, which is becoming a greater part of modern business ethics.

With such differing requirements between clients, please contact us to walk you through the process of maximising your space.

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A-Span Shelving Flow Rack

A-Span Shelving