Shelving Shop Group’s wall mounted shelving helps clients utilise space that is otherwise not used.

Our wall mounted shelves offer superior durability, helping you maximise your space and increase storage density. Our shelves are simple in its construction, yet supported by precision engineering — this gives you a wall mounted display that truly performs.

Our shelves are expertly designed and manufactured so that you can install and adjust them with ease.

Our RMS range includes a number of fittings suited to a wide range of applications. Choose from shelves, clothing hooks, partitions and more. This allows you to display and organise various types of products, including books, tools, clothing and food items, among others.

Our wall shelves are also designed to withstand the tough conditions of New Zealand and perform well on earthquake tests.

These photos show some of the areas where our range can conquer your space, create tidy storage areas with adjustable wall shelves – for example, wall shelving above the workbenches, or in the garage, utility areas, in retail shops, back rooms or simply bulk storage.