Diahann Boutiques experience with the Storage Specialists

Below is a brief video of how Rebecca, of Diahann Boutique, found dealing with Shelving Shop Group, and how we helped her to find space she never thought she had!

Diahann Boutique, Havelock North

Shelving Shop Group was approached by Diahann Boutique to assist with their desire of a fresh and modernised retail space. With the help of the client supplying some ideas of what they were after, we were then able to provide some further options and recommendations to achieve their desire.

After refining the design, we were able to create a 3D preview, as well as proving to the client that we could create space that they never knew they had, all whilst achieving the modernised look.

Completing the install within the time frames given, we helped to set up a Diahann Boutique ‘pop-up shop’ in the mean-time, to ensure that trading could continue while the new shop was underway.

Reflecting on the project, the co-ordination and managing of all the sub-contractors went extremely well . From the re-carpeting, painting, concrete polishing, and new changing rooms, to the new counter and the LED lighting, as a team we couldn’t be happier with the results.

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