Crafted from high-quality pallet racking and longspan shelving components, these heavy-duty workbenches offer unparalleled durability and versatility.

Our Range of Workbenches

Selecting and Customising Your Workbenches

We offer two types of workbenches which can be customised to match your exact needs. Built for ultimate durability, our workbenches all feature a steel frame with an MDF wood top or stainless steel top. If you would like personalised recommendations to suit your requirements, our friendly staff are happy to help.

Dura Pallet Racking Workbench - Unmatched Load Capacity

Our Dura Racking Work Bench is the perfect choice for those needing workbenches with exceptional load capacities. Built with our acclaimed Dura pallet racking components, this workbench features higher-grade steel for increased load capacities and great seismic endurance. Its 1000 to 3500 kg UDL means it's an excellent option for heavy-duty tasks. Contact us to discuss your load capacity requirements.

A-Span Workbench - Ideal for Garages

If you don't require the maximum load capacities the Dura Racking Work Benches offer, our A-Span Work Benches is an excellent cost-effective alternative. A-Span Work Benches are designed with a maximum load capacity of up to 600 kg UDL, making them ideal for garage setups.

Mobile Workbenches for Easy Portability

Need a mobile workbench? No problem! We can install industrial-grade castor wheels on any of our workbenches, making them easily portable. The castors have a locking mechanism designed for excellent stability; each can bear up to 100 kg. This means our mobile workbenches have an overall weight load capacity of 400 kg UDL.

Customisation Options for Your Workbenches

Our workbenches are highly modular, allowing us to tailor them to your specifications. You can choose from various add-ons, such as powder-coating, lighting, and part boxes, to create the perfect workbenches for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A-Span Work Bench: up to 600 kg UDL.

  • A-Span Work Bench with Wheels: up to 400 kg UDL.

  • Dura Racking Work Bench: 1000 to 3500 kg UDL.

  • Dura Racking Work Bench with Wheels: up to 400 kg UDL.

UDL stands for uniformly distributed load per shelf.

Absolutely! We’re excited to ship your products right to your doorstep. Our heavy-duty workbenches are designed and manufactured according to your specifications and supplied as kitsets unless requested. Need workbenches pre-assembled? Contact our helpful team for more info.

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