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At Shelving Shop Group, we understand that an efficient warehouse is the beating heart of a thriving business. That’s why we supply professional warehouse shelving fully customisable to your needs - whether you’re managing a bustling distribution centre in Auckland or a compact warehouse in Christchurch. Let’s explore how we can help you optimise your space with time-saving and cost-effective shelving!

Our versatile pallet racking solutions, including selective, drive-in, push-back, and narrow aisle options, are perfect for optimising your available space and improving picking efficiency. These robust systems promise a streamlined workflow for managing pallets and are a must-have in any busy industrial warehouse.

Ideal for storing long, bulky, or oddly shaped products, our cantilever and A-frame racking systems ensure easy access around your space. These frames are designed to handle heavy-duty industrial storage, making them the perfect warehouse shelving solution.

Discover the potential of your space with our longspan and RUT shelving solutions. These shelves are perfect for a variety of items, providing flexibility and ease of access. Our industrial shelving options are a great way to keep your warehouse tidy and efficient.

Keep your racking systems fit for the job with our comprehensive range of shelving parts and accessories. From replacement bolts to add-ons, we have everything you need to maintain and enhance your racks.

Our galvanised outdoor racking options are built to withstand the elements. Whether it's pallet racking, cantilever, or A-frame, these durable industrial shelving systems let you store your goods outside without trouble, ensuring they're safe and protected no matter the weather.

Store sensitive goods safely with our coolroom and freezer storage system products. Designed for cold warehouses, our galvanised options for pallet racking, cantilever, A-frame, and longspan ensure efficiency and durability where it matters most.

New Zealand's unique geographical challenges call for strong warehouse shelving. Our heavy-duty Dura seismic pallet racking and cantilever racking are engineered to withstand the effects of earthquakes, ensuring your products stay safe in any shake-up.

Upgrade your warehouse for the future with our automated warehouse shelving options. These advanced shuttle racking and flow racking options are made to streamline your operations, reduce manual handling, and boost overall efficiency.

Crafted from heavy-duty pallet racking parts and available in multiple sizes, our workbenches aren't just strong; they're a smart, ergonomic addition to support any warehouse. Perfect for packing, assembling, and other tasks that require a solid, reliable surface.

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