Shelving Shop Group Expands Portfolio with Strategic Acquisition of Novalok

Hastings, 10/01/2024 – Shelving Shop Group, is proud to announce its latest strategic move: the acquisition of Novalok, a prominent provider of specialised shelving solutions. This acquisition is a key part of Shelving Shop Group’s ongoing investment and growth strategy, enhancing its service offerings and reinforcing its commitment to innovation.

Rick Suckling, Managing Director of Novalok, said of the acquisition:

“This is a significant milestone for Novalok. Joining the Shelving Shop Group family opens new possibilities for growth and development. We are eager to contribute our expertise in hygienic and mezzanine shelving to the group’s diverse portfolio.”

Scott Currie, General Manager and Director of Shelving Shop Group, commented on the group’s growth trajectory:

“Shelving Shop Group has been on a remarkable growth journey since 1993. Our success is built on working with many of New Zealand’s leading brands, and the acquisition of Novalok is a testament to our ongoing commitment to growth and excellence in the industry.”

Martyn Currie, Sales Manager and Director of Shelving Shop Group, highlighted the future direction:

“This acquisition aligns with our vision of continual investment in our group’s capabilities. By bringing Novalok into our family, we are not just expanding our product range but also reinforcing our position as a versatile and innovative leader in the market.”

Novalok, established in 1986 and a key player in the shelving sector, is known for its production facility in Whanganui and its acquisition of Victor Racking. Shelving Shop Group, headquartered in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay, with offices in Auckland and Canterbury, continues to solidify its market presence through strategic expansion and partnerships.

About Shelving Shop Group

Shelving Shop Group, established in 1993, has evolved from an industrial racking business into a comprehensive provider of shelving solutions, working with numerous leading brands in New Zealand and continually expanding its range and reach.

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