Pallet Racking

Custom-designed pallet racking made to improve efficiency and suit your specific warehouse storage requirements.

Tired of Playing Hide & Seek With Your Inventory?

No more “where did I put that?” moments! With our 30 years of storage system expertise in New Zealand, we supply a wide range of heavy-duty pallet racking solutions, from selective to automated racking. We ensure every product has its spot, clear and visible. Discover our range of shelves made to hold products and pallets of all sizes. We’re here to help you find the ideal pallet racking solutions for your space.

With Shelving Shop Group, it’s not just about pallet racking – it’s about revolutionising the way you store, access and manage inventory.

Our Services:

Pallet Racking Installations That Don't Halt Your Work

Imagine a scenario where your operations tick along while your new pallet racking solution takes shape. Offering nationwide, disruption-free installation in any space from Kaitaia to Invercargill, we ensure that our work doesn’t throw a spanner in yours.

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Comprehensive, Caring Support

Step into a partnership that goes beyond the installation. Our comprehensive support, backed by a robust warranty and regular maintenance check-ups, ensures that your pallet rack system stands the test of time and operates at peak efficiency, day in, day out.

Shelving Shop Consultants showing plans to warehouse managers in a warehouse full of racking.

Safety By Design, Compliance Guaranteed

Your team and goods are safeguarded with our pallet racking systems.

Safety is foundational for us, so we adhere to New Zealand’s strict warehouse storage safety and quality standards, and are committed to providing steadfast and compliant pallet racking solutions.

Your Warehouse Management System, Seamlessly Integrated

Envision an industrial racking system that’s a tech-integrated marvel, effortlessly communicating with your WMS and seamlessly integrating with automation tools. From automated pallet shelves to push-back racking, we install storage solutions crafted to ensure you can easily store, log, and locate your products in your space.

Experience Pallet Racking with the Shelving Shop Difference!

We’re a bit different, and we’re proud of it! From the jump, you’ll spot a level of love, attention, and futuristic thinking in our pallet shelving proposals that are unmistakably us. We’re not just here for now; we’re here for the future of your business.

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Case Studies

At Shelving Shop Group, we supply retail and warehouse storage solutions across New Zealand:

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Dura Safety Brochure

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