A Mini Mart that Showcases the MetalMax Retail System in Black

Navigating through the bustling world of retail and commercial zones, establishing a shopping space that’s both welcoming and tidy is just as vital as the bang-for-buck your business provides. That’s where gondola shelving strides in – these adaptable fixtures, with their various shapes and sizes, are a fundamental element across numerous industries. But let’s not […]

Novalok logo

Hastings, 10/01/2024 – Shelving Shop Group, is proud to announce its latest strategic move: the acquisition of Novalok, a prominent provider of specialised shelving solutions. This acquisition is a key part of Shelving Shop Group’s ongoing investment and growth strategy, enhancing its service offerings and reinforcing its commitment to innovation. Rick Suckling, Managing Director of […]

man carrying boxes with the words "we are moving" written on them

We have exciting news! Shelving Shop Group is thrilled to announce that we are moving to a larger location to accommodate our rapid growth and expanding product range. Our new 4500-square-metre site will provide the much-needed space to serve our customers better and showcase our extensive shelving solutions. New Address:Effective from 1st September, you can […]

Corner Store Shelving

The duopoly that has been in play with supermarkets in New Zealand for quite some time now has come to an end. Legislation has come to pass that allows for NZ supermarket competition to exist and thrive. What has changed To support NZ supermarket competition, which is also a way to help stave off the […]

Mobile Shelving

Shelf space always tends to be something that we cannot get enough of. No matter how minimalist we seem to get or how much efficiency training we take, there’s always a desire to have the right type of shelving unit there to try to fit everything possible. It naturally happens as your business grows and […]

Pet Shelving Prongs

When it comes to the running of a pet store, it’s important to have high-quality retail shelving which can support and display any of your products with ease. Our retail shelving solution has proven to be a great asset for pet stores across New Zealand because of its ease of use and versatility. From pet […]

Dairy Shelving

When it comes to your convenience store shelving, It’s essential to get things right. Shop display shelving doesn’t just need to look good; it also needs to be practical, cost-effective, and reliable. Of course, it also needs to be safe! Shelving Shop offers a retail shelving solution that has quickly become one of the most […]

Shuttle Cart

The COVID pandemic has had some unexpected effects trickle down into the storage industry. For example, companies in New Zealand have been increasingly finding that their import and shipping times have significantly increased, resulting in them holding additional stock to service customers’ needs. Thus taking up additional warehouse space! People in the post-COVID world are […]

Pallet Racking Types

At Shelving Shop Group, we’ve dedicated our time to ensuring that we can provide a range of pallet racking options to make your warehouses more economical, efficient, and easy! So if you are curious about the different pallet racking solutions we offer so you can find the best one for you, we’ve got you covered. […]


Being in the distribution or warehousing industry means moving and storing a lot of products. Yet depending on your SKU, specific storage solutions are better than others when it comes to effectively managing your inventory. Having a pallet racking system in place is one of those ways that can help with maximizing the warehousing space while still […]