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30 03, 2020

Improve Warehouse Operations with an Audit

2020-03-30T15:32:17+13:00March 30th, 2020|Feature|

Ensuring the success of your business lies in how smoothly your supply chain operates. Inefficient warehouse operations, in particular, negatively affect your overall business performance. From high operating costs to dissatisfied customers, these issues pile up and result in a loss of sales and reduced profitability. A warehouse audit can uncover unseen inefficiency. This practice ... Read more

10 03, 2020

Mitigate Risks in Your Warehouse with the Right Load Capacity

2020-03-11T13:59:16+13:00March 10th, 2020|Feature|

Pallet racks are a common storage solution for most warehouses because they are practical and durable. However, more commonly than should happen, operators make the mistake of not knowing the load capacity of a pallet system. This results in compromised racks that will eventually break or topple over. Prevent accidents in your warehouse with the ... Read more

18 12, 2019

Pallet Racking Safety Tips for a Hazard-free Warehouse

2019-12-18T05:27:35+13:00December 18th, 2019|Latest News|

Pallet racking is a necessary component of any warehouse as it is the most cost-effective method of optimising storage space. It’s capable of carrying various items and equipment for long periods of time. However, pallet racks carry risks and hazards if they’re not managed properly. Misaligned racking, loose floor fixings and overloaded racks can result ... Read more

20 11, 2019

Warehouse Safety: Dealing with Common Hazards

2019-11-20T00:22:16+13:00November 20th, 2019|Uncategorized|

Warehouses are busy and lively places. However, with the operation of heavy machinery, hazardous materials, and transporting stock, warehouses can be dangerous places to work. With increased productivity comes increased risks of injury, especially when safety checks aren’t rigorously implemented, and warehouse safety audits are overlooked. To avoid workplace accidents and maintain a safe environment ... Read more

20 09, 2019

Your Ultimate Pallet Racking Safety Inspection Checklist

2019-09-20T18:54:43+12:00September 20th, 2019|Feature|

In New Zealand, regular inspections of storage racks are critical to warehouse safety management. Most regions of the country are prone to earthquakes which is why Worksafe New Zealand encourages warehouse managers to consult engineers and other professionals for verification and certification of their storage systems. Pallet racks, shelves, whatever you have installed in your ... Read more