Project Description

Paul Industries activities with Shelving Shop Group

Below is a brief video of how Frank at Paul Industries found dealing with Shelving Shop Group, and how we helped them to increase efficiency within their business.



Paul Industries, Tauranga

  • Aim was to create a Pallet Racking design which gives maximum efficiency using a minimum of space.
  • Complex design with a lot of custom sizes, we worked closely with the client to accommodate all their product lines & SKU
  • 6100 mm high
  • 625 pallet spaces
  • 7 different beam sizes to accommodate their 14 pallet sizes
  • 3 different frame depths – 720 mm, 900 mm, 1100 mm
  • 1000m3 floor area
  • Dura Protection installed since
  • Compliant with Engineer’s reports & Council sign-off Fire Report