4 way clothing rackIn designing your store’s shelving layout, perception is reality. Whatever your customers perceive is what they will act upon. This means that if you display an effective floor, shelving and product display layout, your customers will be enticed to explore the inside of your store. However, if you present a disorganised store layout that has small aisles, misplaced shelving and ineffective product placement, you can expect that most customers will just glance at your store’s interior for a few seconds then leave.

To make your store look more appealing for customers to explore, you should display effective visual merchandising. This is the practice of showcasing products to help customers find what they want easily and encourage them to buy your products. One of the elements of visual merchandising is displaying an effective store shelving layout.

Keep Shelves Organised

Keeping your shelves clean, organised and strategically full of products helps your store achieve constant sales. With properly organised products on your shelves, your customers and staff can find what they want immediately. You don’t want to lose sales due to your customers not finding what they want.

The “Full Shelf” Look

If your shelf looks full, your store will look more attractive to a customer. However, you do not need to resort to placing too many products on your shelves for it can overwhelm your customers. To give your shelves a “full” look, place your products on the edge of the shelves and face them outward. This makes your shelf look full without filling them completely.

You can execute these tips with wall mounted shelving. Shelving Shop Group supplies wall shelves in NZ that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. They are most suitable for retail stores and have an easy mount system for quick assembly.

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