Shelving Shop Group is very proactive in helping our clients to meet the new requirements of Health and Safety in New Zealand.

To help us in doing this, we have an added range of pallet racking safety products, which we believe will help to maximise the life of your assets, as well as protecting your staff from the dangers associated with pallet racking and forklifts.

Shelving Shop Group is working to increase our range of Safety products, to make your workplace a healthier and safer environment.

High-quality Safety Products

Shelving Shop Group offers an expansive range of safety products that improve warehouse and workplace security, providing a safe environment for your employees while simultaneously protecting your equipment and inventory.

Our products include compact expanding gates that provide a visual barrier for restricted areas, as well as a range of pallet racking protection. Available in bright safety colours, our heavy duty end protectors slip over your pallet racking posts and beams, preventing damage in case of a collision.

Parts can be replaced if they sustain damage, and fit seamlessly over your existing pallet racking systems.

Our Dura Safety products are available in a variety of sizes, with custom sizes available upon request.

Meet New Zealand Health and Safety Requirements

Shelving Shop Group helps you meet New Zealand health and safety requirements at your workplace.

According to New Zealand legislation, creating a safe work environment for workers is a legal obligation which involves identifying hazards and implementing effective control measures to prevent injury and property damage.

With Dura Safety, we provide you with everything that you need to be compliant with the strictest safety standards.

Extend the Life of Your Racking Systems

Your racking systems are an investment. To ensure safe and efficient warehouse operation, you need safety products that you can rely on. Dura Safety’s gat