There is a common misconception that all warehouses are condensed, tight and suffocating spaces that are ultimately uncomfortable to work in. Warehouse designers are always looking to maximize the space that they have, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be uncomfortable for workers. There are smart ways to go about utilising space.

Here are five ways you can make the most out of your warehouse without compromising ease and safety:

Do the Maths

Design begins with a structure. The first step to strategising the interiors of your warehouse is to take measurements of the entire compound. See which spaces you can maximise most and ensure that your storage equipment fits right in with no unnecessary adjustment.

Think in Stacks

Straightforward pallet racking systems have been the ideal warehouse storage option for years. We carry a range of industrial pallet shelving that is designed to hold heavy loads. Keep things simple by placing your products in pallet racks that are both durable and quake-proof, ensuring the safety of your stock even during natural calamities.

Go Upward

Warehouses often have high ceilings, and it’s best if you take advantage of it. Vertical space is useful when it comes to multiple stocks for lighter items. For heavier products, mezzanine installations are also suitable solutions.

Adjust Pathways

Be mindful of spacing. The width between racks is also as important as the storage systems themselves. Design the minimum width of pathways according to the size of your handling equipment to promote operating efficiency while doing work in the warehouse.

Get Organised

Inventories are crucial to a warehouse’s efficiency. Have an officer take over the inventories, making sure it’s accurate and constantly updated. Log the items in a database according to their positions on th