When we’re shopping as consumers, we often forget how much thought has gone into the design and layout of a store we visit, and as business owners, we often think of store layout as a one-time task. Sure, we’ll update it once a year or so, but is that enough, or too much?

What many people forget is a store layout can make or break it’s profitability. A good store layout keeps customers engaged and purchasing. Good visual merchandising can result in increased customers and sales, as well as making the most out of your space, and your harder-selling products without having to reduce their price.

However, a layout that hides products or has visually overwhelming displays will make sales far less likely. So, how can you choose a store layout that will increase your sales, and how often should you do so?

How Often Should I Update My Store Layout and Category Allocation?

How often you choose to update your store’s layout will depend some on your industry, but generally, you should think about changing up the allocation of your displays and category allocation on a seasonal basis. For your store layout, once a year is usually a good rule of thumb.

There’s a big difference here between thinking about category allocation and actually moving things around – sometimes, it’s going to be perfectly adequate to consider the allocation and only change things on a very small scale. It’s important that you always analyse what’s working and what’s not.

Test and Analyse What’s Working

If you can, survey your customers to find out if an area of your store that doesn’t seem to shift stock is because your customers never go back there or bec