Retail storeAs a retail store owner, you maximise your use of floor and wall space through various store displays and fixtures. Managing your store’s space is crucial for organised and functional storage. To manage your store’s space efficiently, consider using shop fittings that maximise your products on display and minimise obstacles for customers who want to access your products.

The Importance of Shop Fittings

With different sizes and colours available for shop fittings, you have many options to consider when refurbishing or revamping your store’s appearance. Choosing the right fittings ensures that you are making the most of your space with the provision of a myriad of retail display systems that are adaptable, durable and superbly crafted.

However, using the appropriate fittings goes beyond making your store look more attractive. They promote your products and enhance your brand image, which creates an impression that lasts and builds a reputation for your company.

Choosing Appropriate Shop Fittings

You will never run out of choices when it comes to lighting or shelving solutions; however, you must ensure that the shop fittings you select are suitable for the type of business you own. For example, if you are selling pastries or other edible products, your store must have an appropriate display shelf. It should be well lit, and the front of it must be wide enough to allow customers to access and view your products easily.

For stores that sell edible products, display shelves should be made of glass so that all food products can be seen easily. Stores that sell food, retail stores that sell jewellery, clothes and watches should also use glass shop fittings. High-end products should be enclosed in glass cases to not only protect them but to emphasise their premium quality to customers.

Convenience is Key

Shop fittings need to be convenient for employees and customers. Shelves that have sharp corners can negatively affect your customers’ impression of your store. They could scratch their arm on the sharp corners while reaching for a product. Another way shelving affects your store is if products placed on high shelves hinder customers from reaching them; this may make some customers decide not to purchase your products.

To provide your customers with a convenient experience in your store, make sure that your shop fittings provide easy access to your products. Ensure that they are adjusted to the right height and space to allow your customers to move freely around your store. To use the perfect shop fittings for your store, consider purchasing customised shop fittings that are made for your store’s space.

Use Shop Fittings by RMS

Shelving Shop Group offers shop fittings from RMS shopfitters. They offer a wide range of display cases, shelving systems, wall systems, hang rails and more. If you prefer shop fittings that are specially made for your store, we can design and customise shop fittings that suit your specifications.

With forty-five years of experience in developing retail spaces, we ensure that we supply your store with the most efficient shopfitting solution. Call 0800 180 280 for any inquiries on RMS shop fittings