pallet racks in storage areaPallet racking is a necessary component of any warehouse as it is the most cost-effective method of optimising storage space. It’s capable of carrying various items and equipment for long periods of time. However, pallet racks carry risks and hazards if they’re not managed properly. Misaligned racking, loose floor fixings and overloaded racks can result in accidents and property and goods damage.

Most regions of New Zealand are prone to earthquakes, making it crucial to design and maintain shelving/racking systems that can withstand seismic activity.

To avoid accidents and ensure your pallet racking systems are up to legal standards, follow these simple yet effective safety tips.

Don’t overload your racking

While pallet racking can help you stack heavy equipment and inventory, utilising your vertical space, take precaution to avoid accidents caused by overloaded racking units. Know the storage limits of your racks and shelving systems. All weight capacities should be labelled and verified. Ensure that workers pay special attention to the weight capacity of the upper levels and that they store heavier loads on the lower levels.

Perform regular pallet racking inspections

Racking inspection and equipment auditing ensures a safer workplace. Frequent check-ups on forklifts, racking and other equipment catch minor issues before they become major ones that can lead to accidents or property damage.

Keep an eye out for differences in the racking systems such as beam deflections, missing safety pins and slight dents in the racking. Check each unit frame by frame to ensure that there aren’t vulnerabilities in the system or any damage caused by forklifts or pressure from the loaded pallets.

Replace or repair damaged racking

The cardinal sin of finding racking issues is waiting too long to fix them. If you come across damaged racks, replace or repair them immediately.

It can be a hassle to unload the racks and the items placed on them but you don’t want to wait until the pallet racking system collapses. It’s also cheaper to replace a single beam rather than the entire system. Replacing or repairing the issues, no matter how minor, will keep everyone safe and help you save on costs.

Train your employees

To minimise issues, educate your employees on the proper operation of machinery and storage racks. For instance, forklift operators need to drive carefully, load items properly and know the storage capabilities of each rack. Accidents, no matter how small, should be reported immediately to management so that inspections and repairs can be carried out if needed.

Improve the safety of your pallet racking with Shelving Shop Group

At the end of the day, consulting experts is always the best tip you can follow.

Here at Shelving Shop Group, we provide quick, non-disruptive and convenient pallet racking inspections that comply with the safety requirements of Australia and NZ. Our professional inspections keep your staff and inventory safe and ensure your pallet racking meets both local and international safety standards.

Aside from pallet racking inspection services, we also offer comprehensive warehouse safety audits that help eliminate the safety risks in your facility. For more information and enquiries, contact us today.