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Durable Wall Brackets and Wall Channels

We manufacture a complete range of shopfitting accessories and shelving hardware for a wide variety of industries. All products undergo rigorous quality control and adhere to the highest industry standards of quality. With many years of experience in the industry as shopfitting manufacturers, we have honed our services to ensure our products achieve a consistently high level of performance.

We supply and manufacture a range of sturdy wall brackets and wall channels capable of withstanding heavy loads and seismic conditions in New Zealand. With our shop fittings, you can be assured of quality solutions that will keep your shop display secure and well-organised.

Steady and Secure Shop Fittings Tailored to New Zealand Conditions

RMS’ shop fittings allow you to display items and goods while keeping them organised and protected. Our wall brackets and wall channels help you maintain a seamless and easy to navigate store layout that emphasises and draws attention to your products. They also provide strong support for your display racks and wall mounts.

Because New Zealand is squarely within the Pacific Ring of Fire, it is especially vulnerable to earthquakes, making it crucial to secure your goods by investing in sturdy equipment. Our wall brackets and channels are designed to keep your products secure. They are made of robust, resilient raw materials that are capable of withstanding the seismic conditions of New Zealand.

Attractive, Customisable Displays

Our wall brackets and channels come in a variety of different styles and finishes, depending on your specifications. We have a dedicated service for designing specialised components for our shop fittings.

We accommodate numerous designs and store layouts. Our wall brackets and wall channels can work with regular supermarket shelves and racks, as well as high-end luxury displays.

With 45 years of experience in the industry, you can trust us to cater to your needs with exceptional service. View our selection of wall brackets and channels and transform your store layout today.

It’s important to have the necessary tools before installing the brackets. This saves you time and gives you peace of mind. You’ll need:

  • A battery drill
  • Flathead wood screws 45mm x 8g
  • A level
  • ‘delicate duty’ masking tape
  • A pencil
  • Tape measure
  • A stud finder

The Installation Process

  1. The first step is to position your RMS wall channels on the wall where your studs are. Anchoring your wall channels on your wall studs gives your shelves strong support. You can remove the cover plate of your wall or look for existing nail heads to see the position of your studs. (Approx. 600mm centers)
  2. Once you’ve found a perfect spot for your wall channels, mark the area with a pencil or masking tape. As a guide 600mm apart or center to center of the wall channel is recommended.
  3. Measure along the wall and find out how many RMS Wall Channels you will need to fill up the required area.
  4. Mark the location for the top screw hole of the first wall channel. Hold the first RMS wall Channel in place, and then drive a 45mm x8g screw into the top hole. (If you want the screws to go in faster, rub candle wax on the sharp end.) Make sure the screw is secure but not too tight. With a level, ensure that the channel is straight. Then, install the screws in the channel’s other holes.
  5. After you’ve attached all your RMS wall Channels along the wall, fit your RMS Shelf Brackets into position ready for your shelves to sit on. Fit your RMS shelf clips (code 1402) to the front and rear of each bracket. Now install your shelves onto the wall brackets. If you wish you can remove the small gromet in the clip and drive a screw through the clip and into the shelf to secure it.

Tailored to New Zealand conditions, our wall brackets and channels comply with the highest quality and safety standards. Buy your shelf brackets from us today.