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Stable, Robust Wall Strips and Brackets

We manufacture a comprehensive range of shop fitting accessories, shelving parts and hardware for numerous industries. We ensure that our products hold the highest level of quality at all times, with strict adherence to Australian industry standards. With over 45 years of providing products for the shelving and storage industries, we have refined our services to deliver the most reliable, satisfactory results for our clients.

We manufacture and supply a line of wall stripping and brackets for a wide variety of retail purposes. They are built to withstand seismic conditions in New Zealand and are capable of supporting heavy loads while keeping your shelves and display racks secure. When you purchase from us, you can be assured of quality and excellent service at all times.

Sturdy Solutions for New Zealand Retailers

Our wall stripping and brackets are designed to carry heavy loads and large quantities of retail goods. We help retailers optimise their store layout by utilising space wisely in a manner that draws attention to their products while keeping them organised and securely displayed.

Most importantly, our wall stripping and brackets offer ample support to your wall racks and mounts. Due to New Zealand’s seismic conditions, it is important to invest in sturdy shop fittings that provide adequate protection for your products. Our products are manufactured from robust raw materials that are capable of withstanding earthquakes.

Attractive, Customisable Displays

Our wall stripping and brackets come in a range of different finishes and styles, depending on what your store needs. We have a dedicated service for designing specialised components for our shop fittings.

Our team can accommodate numerous designs and store layouts. The wall stripping and brackets work with regular supermarket shelves and racks, as well as high-end luxury displays.

With our 45 years of experience in the industry, you can be assured of exceptional service and reliable quality. View our selection of wall brackets and channels and transform your store layout today.