Archive Shelving Solutions

Archive Shelving Solutions

Panel Shelving Systems

Panel Shelving Systems for Archive Storage

(AKA Rolled Edge Type Shelving)

Our company has a great range of panel shelving suited to a wide range of applications, such as archive shelving. These versatile shelving systems are available in a number of sizes to easily meet your requirements.

The Shelving Shop Group provides our clients with strong, durable panel shelving systems designed with New Zealand conditions in mind. Each one of our shelves undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure continued performance.

Our panel shelving systems are made to withstand most earthquakes, protecting your assets and your inventory from damage.

Versatile and Modular

We create panel archive shelving units that is completely modular — extra bays and shelves can simply be added later, making this a versatile and cost effective storage system. Order as many accessories as you need to create a shelf that meets your requirements. They are also easy to assemble and install, allowing you to design your floor plan with ease.

Our panel archive shelving is designed to maximise your storage capacity. It is a light and medium capacity storage shelving style that is best used in offices, workshops and garages.

Let us create the ideal filing solution for you — we have custom designs available so that you can get the exact panel shelf best suited to your needs.

Panel archive storage shelving is versatile and easy to use. Our selections have a clean design that lend themselves well to a wide range of applications.

Each shelf can carry as much as 100kg — it is safe and durable.

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Panel Shelving is ideal for:

  • Light to medium weight storage
  • Used in offices and warehouses
  • Filing
  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Archive Storage

Panel Shelving Systems: Mainstay For Many Businesses

Panel shelving is a familiar sight in most archive rooms. Strong, indispensable and versatile, this type of shelving helps you make the most out of your commercial space. Our panel shelving is modular allowing you to custom your storage to any configuration you need. As your need grows, it’s a simple case of just ordering more shelves or bays.

Shelving Shop Group’s range of panel shelving systems are strong and easily adjustable to accommodate a wide range of merchandise, files or anything that needs storing or archiving. They are suitable for various settings such as automotive centres and more. Optimise space and maximise revenue with our panel shelving solutions.

Sturdy, Secure Archive Shelving Units

Archive storage shelving is one of the fundamental processes of businesses and retailers everywhere. Particularly in legal and financial auditing, a clear record of your company’s past transactions is vital to prevent any errors or correct any discrepancies. Documentation is crucial to the stability of a business, and archives need to be easily accessible. It can be the deciding factor in the survival of your business operations.

The importance of archiving requires a safe, secure place to store your documents. Our panel shelves are more than capable of securing your archives while keeping them easily accessible. Because our panel shelving units can accommodate light to medium loads, they are especially suited for archive storage purposes. They are sturdy and durable, and can handle being accessed by multiple people frequently.

Our shelves are designed to maximise space within your office or workshop. With our durable panel shelves, you can store large quantities of records without having to compromise your office space. The versatility of our units means you can adjust them at any time to fit your changing specifications, or to accommodate updates of your archives.

With decades of experience in the industry, you can trust that we will deliver you an effective archive storage shelving system.

Panel shelving features

  • Strong - Up to 100kg per shelf
  • Safe - Free standing
  • Adjustable - Adjust shelves to suit your requirements
  • Sturdy - Bolted construction
  • Versatile - Extra shelves can be added or removed to meet your requirements


Heights (mm)Lengths (mm)Depths (mm)


  • Back panels for rear
  • Front kickboards
  • Crossbracing for rear
  • Wall fastening brackets

Easy to Assemble

  • Panel shelving requires nuts and bolts to assemble.
  • Assembly is quickly completed in a few simple stages.
  • Do it yourself or we can arrange our team to install it for you with our 2 year installation guarantee.