Data Label Strips

Data Label Strips

Ticket Strips with Self-adhesives

DSNO91026No 45° Angle – 26mm x 910mm Clear
DSDBR120026DBR Flat - 26mm x 1200mm Clear / Grey
DSDBR91026DBR Flat - 26mm x 910mm Clear / Grey
Other styles & sizes available – please enquire

Self Adhesives

We stock a range of data strip which includes a foam tape option and we have an angled option. In both the 910mm long or 1200mm long, our data strip caters to a wide range of shelving. It is easy to cut down to the correct size as well.

Our foam tape is a great way to ensure that your label holders stay attached to the shelf in all temperatures. The standard double sided tape is also a high quality one, wider than the average tape which is used.

There is also the small label flapper option which we stock in a 90mm or 50mm wide x 26mm high, in clear.

W x H - Data Strip / Ticket Stripping

DBR 910 x 26mm Clear

DBR 910 x 26mm Grey Foam Tape

DBR 910 x 26mm Grey

DBR 910 x 76mm Clear Foam Tape

DBR 1200 x 26mm Clear

DBR 1200 x 26mm Grey Foam Tape

DBR 1200 x 26mm Grey

NO 910 x 26mm Clear Foam Tape

W x H - Label Holders

80 x 26mm Clear

50 x 26mm Clear

DBR - Flat Data Strip

NO - Sloping / Angled Data Strip - Great option for the lower shelves

Easy to Install - simply remove the tape cover and stick to the shelf

Cut to size if required

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