Pallet Racking Workbench

When it comes to warehouse shelving, pallet racks are one of the most popular types due to their storage capacity and versatility. Although you can simply place goods on pallet racks, there’s a lot you can do to maximise the space on your warehouse pallet racking. If your warehouse uses pallet racking and you want to ensure storage is being used wisely here are 5 tips to maximise the existing space.

Reduce Aisle Space

One way to maximise the space around your pallet racking is to reduce the aisle space between them. The aisle widths in warehouses are determined by the standards of forklift manufacturers and local safety regulations. However, a lot of cases for pallet racks enable you to reduce the widths to a minimum required size to increase the amount of racking in your warehouse.

Reconsider Rack Use

Many warehouses use pallet racking for standard tasks such as shipping, picking or receiving. However, you can repurpose your less-populated racks for full-carton processing instead of individual item picking. This would depend on several factors such as carton flow and inventory density. But, if you have pallet racking with space that is not used, you can convert them to overflow storage and use smaller shelves for daily picking, which can help you maximise the available space in your warehouse.

Use Safety Panels

Safety panels for pallet racks are useful for protecting warehouse staff and products from falling off the racks. They can also be used to help measure the number of products that can fit on your racks. The safety panel does this by providing a backstop against a product that acts as a guide to how much more space is available.

Make Racks Mobile

If you want to pick or move your products faster, use gravity flow racks instead of stationary pallet racking. Not only will this help hasten your picking or moving tasks, this can also help free space on your pallet racks for products that are not accessed that much. This can enable you to streamline warehouse operations in which product movement and handling items are improved through mobile pallet racking.

Look for Unused Space

Besides using other types of pallet racking, you can always maximise warehouse space in the simplest ways such as looking for lesser-used areas in your warehouse. When scanning your warehouse, make sure that every corner has a pallet rack. Don’t be afraid to get creative with maximising your space. Look under mezzanines, over doors and even in areas that may not be the most common spot to place pallet racks. When looking for unused space, always remember that safety is a priority when finding a spot for your pallet racking.

Use Heavy-Duty Pallet Racking Systems

Looking for the right pallet racking system? Shelving Shop Group can help. We have years of experience in supplying warehouse managers with the right industrial pallet racking system that suits their warehouse. Our range of heavy-duty racking has a high-load capacity and is suitable to hold many types of goods. We also offer customisable racking that can be adjusted to the size and length you require.

Our team of pallet racking specialists ensures that you use the right system that suits your requirements. We will help you choose the right one and ensure you use your space in the most efficient way.

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