As racking suppliers offering a wide range of storage solutions, we provide quality glass displays to retail stores. Glass displays are widely used in stores for several reasons — it is an attractive material that works well in any setting.

Glass displays are especially popular in luxury stores selling jewellery, watches and other precious desirables. They are versatile, relatively durable and require minimal maintenance, provided the glass does not break.

These reasons are why glass is a perfect material to use in stores:


Though the majority of consumers prefer to touch products before they purchase it, a glass display unit will be able to prevent just anyone from touching them. Products that are too expensive or too delicate, such as golden chains that may easily break, are better left inside a glass display unit. This ensures that no one touches the item without supervision. It also minimises the chance of theft as our glass display units can be locked. Some may even install security alarms in case the glass breaks.

Glass displays also provide additional protection for products by minimising their exposure to dust and moisture, either from the atmosphere or from being handled. Special items may even be kept in a climate-controlled unit to prevent damage. It is a secure solution for displaying luxury goods. Furthermore, toughened glass is now provided in most cabinets, so you can rest easy that your valuable items are safe.

ShopFit Glass DisplaysAttractive

Glass displays are not only functional but attractive, too. Glass can greatly improve your product’s appeal because it frames the item in an alluring manner — the proper use of lighting can truly make your items sparkle and shine. Your customers are also free to look at the items from every angle, without actually having to touch it. Indeed, it could even be argued that framing something in glass affects customers’ perceptions of your items, being just beyond reach increases their desirability.

Shelving Shop Group offers a range of modular glass displays available in a range of materials and finishes. All displays are custom made to order.  Contact us to learn more.