warehouseA building designed to keep thousands, if not millions of product units safe must be kept secure not only from intruders but also the elements.

Fire is a far worse problem for a warehouse than a burglary could ever be. The latest figures from the New Zealand Fire Service shows that in 2012, there were 416 storage property fires across the country. This was a notable spike from 2011 when there were 233 storage property fires — the lowest incidence rate since 2008.

As a provider of warehouse storage systems, we, at Shelving Shop Group, understand the anxiety that warehouse owners and managers feel about potential disasters. We believe that everybody in our industry should learn how to minimise risks and prevent disasters, from a forklift tipping over to the entire warehouse going up in flames.

In the case of warehouse fires, we advise that all buildings should have:

  1. Automatic sprinkler systems
  2. Dead-end aisles that do not exceed 15 metres in length
  3. “No Smoking” signs that all employees are briefed to comply with

Adhering to the codes for handling and storing hazardous materials, warehouse employees must also receive training in:

  1. Fire extinguisher operation
  2. Waste management
  3. Evacuation procedures in case of fire or other emergencies

The automatic response of all employees who discover a fire should be to contact the local fire department. We can all agree, however, that it is best to have procedures in place that minimise the risk of a fire ever starting. At Shelving Shop Group, we not only provide our clients with efficient storage systems, but we also help them to store their merchandise safely and in as risk-free a way as possible.

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