Smarter Use of Warehouse Space with Double Depth Pallet Systems

There is no ‘one size fits all’ in pallet racking. When it comes to choosing the best pallet racking solution, a range of factors comes into play: product volume, turnover rates and warehouse space.

Maximising Warehouse Space with Double Depth Pallets

If you are looking to increase your storage density without compromising accessibility, a double depth pallet racking system is an ideal solution.
Double depth pallet racking is a system that features two rows of pallet racks set back-to-back. This system is similar to selective pallet racking but instead of having two rows of pallet racks per row, double depth pallet systems have a total of four racks per row. This feature allows you to increase your storage capacity without expanding your warehouse space.

Advantages of Double Depth Pallet Racking

Increased storage density

Often used in LIFO (last in, first out) types of warehouses, double depth pallet racks can increase your warehouse’s floor space by up to 60 per cent. Double depth pallet racking is the ideal system if you are storing multiple quantities of the same item. With double depth racks, you get complete control of your product selections allowing you to experience excellent cube utilisation.

By having four rows of pallet racks per aisle, double depth pallet systems eliminate unusable aisle spaces, making them a cost and space-efficient option.

Suitability for Higher Storage Levels

Standard pallet racking systems maximise the vertical space of your warehouse but there’s a limit to how high they can go. Extending beyond the limit may pose the risk of collapse even if the foundation is stable, especially during earthquakes.

With a double deep commercial pallet racking system, you gain the advantage of having a stable high-rise pallet racking construction. In a double deep pallet racking system, two rows of pallet racks typically support each other and it has twice as many secure footings as a standard system. It won’t collapse easily in the event of a strong earthquake.

Considerations When Building a Double Depth Pallet Racking System

Due to the unique structure of a double depth pallet racking system, its construction also requires a few considerations. Shelving Shop can help you plan the most efficient design that takes into account all the crucial factors as well as enable you to perform a quick and safe installation.

Overall floor space

You may need to completely redesign your current warehouse floor plan if you want to transition to a double depth pallet racking system. Arranging rows of racks in pairs will have a substantial impact on the final layout. However, the initial effort you put in will result in the improved efficiency of your warehouse operations.

The need for new forklifts

Having a double depth pallet racking system will require you to invest in a specialised forklift such as a double deep reach truck. But with the investment comes more room for revenue-generating storage space. In case you’re not ready for such a big investment, you can also install extensions or counterbalance features on your existing forklifts.


Due to the system’s increase in depth, placing and retrieving pallets in a double depth system may be a bit trickier than standard systems, so there are certain safety issues to watch out for such as reduced visibility and injuries due to falls. However, fitting pallet racking accessories such as wire mesh and guard rails will assist forklift operators in locating the pallets properly, helping mitigate these risks.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Pallets from Shelving Shop Group

Shelving Shop Group specialises in various warehouse pallet racking systems for different industrial applications in Australia. Our wide range of pallet racking systems is built with high load capacities to give you maximum storage density and smart use of warehouse space.

Along with double depth pallet racking systems, Shelving Shop Groups offers other pallet racking options such as:

  • Selective pallet racking
  • Drive-in pallet racking
  • Flow racking
  • Cantilever racking
  • Raised storage areas

All our systems are designed to withstand New Zealand’s seismic conditions. They are equipped to handle large volumes of items while remaining solid and secure even during a seismic activity. Designed for heavy-duty purposes, our pallet racking systems are robust enough to help reduce forklift damage, collapses and other challenges often encountered in a warehouse setting.

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