Pharmacies fulfil a very special need in any community, providing help and reassurance on a daily basis and an essential connection between the medical profession and their patients by supplying medications and personal care equipment.

Pharmacies need to be both welcoming and professional, with high levels of organisation, and a clean and bright environment where everything is easy to see and find, especially when someone is feeling stressed.

What are the Best Shelving Systems for Pharmacies?

It’s best to look at your premises as an empty space so you can best envision the best pharmacy shelving for your customers and employees. The right shelving system doesn’t simply store goods, or make them easy to find, they work to make workflows run more smoothly, and even make the customer journey a smoother one.

When it comes to pharmacy design, start by thinking about where your counter will be, as in most pharmacies this is the one element you can’t move. Everything should be focused around this one point of contact – on either side of the counter.

Your shelving system for your pharmacy will be made up of three core aspects:

  • Wall units: wall units can display a high volume of products, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. A perforated back panel enables hanging products to be displayed easily.
  • Retail shelving (Gondola shelves / free-standing