Wall mounted shelves

From dress shops like Miss Smith’s Closet to global jewellers like Tiffany & Co, each store has a different approach to interior design and layout. But take a closer look, and you will find similar patterns or design strategies.

From the walls to floor space, well-designed retail spaces can direct the customer around the store, all the way down to the checkout counter.


It starts with the threshold, leading to the power wall, then around the shop, and ending in the checkout counter. Let us go over the areas in detail.

1. The Threshold: Where Your Customers Decompress

Many think that the entrance area should be filled with goods and displays to entice customers to buy or further explore the store. But this is actually counterintuitive. Customers usually enter a store with the intent of buying something they need and getting out fast. Any item you place by the entry point will be ignored.

It is wiser to utilise the threshold as a decompression zone – a nice, clear, no-engagement area that