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Shop owners have the responsibility to ensure the safety and security of their establishment. Precautionary measures such as CCTV cameras and a smartly designed floor plan decrease the risks of theft and overcrowding. However, for shop owners in New Zealand, earthquakes present a threat to an establishment’s structural integrity that needs to be addressed properly in order to prevent accidents that can negatively affect a company’s business performance.

New Zealand’s Seismic Activity

New Zealand is one of the many countries that is part of the Ring of Fire. This area, which is known for its volcanic belt and tectonic plate movement, makes the country vulnerable to frequent seismic activity. On average, approximately 15,000 earthquakes occur every year in New Zealand, with 100-150 of these large enough to be felt.

To adapt to the situation, the country’s construction industry uses innovative technologies designed to help buildings and other infrastructure to withstand frequent earthquakes. For business owners, particularly those in retail, the utilisation of earthquake-proof building materials and furniture is part of a business strategy that ensures the safety an