Woman scanning the items in the warehouse shelves

Shelving is an important consideration in any retail store’s merchandising scheme because it is where many of the goods will end up hoping to attract the customer’s attention. With different types and sizes of merchandise to be stored, it is important to carefully select the right construction materials, components and configurations to ensure that your products are properly displayed. You will also have to consider the size and colour of your shelving, all while ensuring you don’t go over your budget.

Two popular choices for shelving are metal and wood. Sometimes, retailers use a judicious mixture of both to suit the particular look of their store.

Metal Shelving

Most retail shelving is of some type of metal construction such as steel and aluminium. Metal is durable and strong, making it ideal for applications both large and small. Provided it is finished properly, it can withstand extreme temperatures. It is easy to install and clean, and can easily be adjusted and configured in many ways. And, give