Mobile shelving, unlike static shelving, offers businesses a flexible storage option.

It is a minimalist storage system that enables companies to store their items in a smaller space. This improves the overall functionality of the storeroom.

It is estimated that mobile storage can reduce your storage needs by up to 50%. With just a single push of a button or the turn of a mechanism you can access any shelf that you need to, leaving the rest securely and neatly packed away.

How Practical is Mobile Shelving?

With mobile shelving, there are no unnecessary aisles to clutter up the storage facility or business store. This creates an extremely streamlined system. The shelving units have mobile carriages which are attached to floor tracks. Each unit can be easily opened to create an aisle of any size, to allow access to, and retrieval of, items. Once the task is complete, the whole storage unit can be effortlessly closed again.

The Benefits of Mobile Shelving

All businesses that sell products, and therefore require storage facilities, can benefit from mobile shelving. Below are some ways that mobile shelving could improve your business operations.

  • It eliminates the need for static aisles in front of each set of shelves, thereby reducing the amount of space your storage unit takes up.
  • It streamlines your storage space.
  • It is easy to customise, making your storage space more efficient.
  • It improves the organization of your stock, thereby increasing productivity.
  • It can reduce the need for new storage construction projects, thereby minimising downtime associated with creating additional storage space.
  • It reduces the risk of theft and unnecessary handling of goods.

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