Shop Fittings

Retail Shop Fittings

Our company stocks and supplies a vast range of retail shop fittings and equipment. We carry a wide range of wall channel, brackets etc and can even custom build specialised components and counters upon request.

We are one of the most trusted shop fitting companies in New Zealand. Contact us for our comprehensive individual brochures.

Shopfitting Options:

  • Wall Channel
  • Brackets
  • Shelves
  • Brochure Holders
  • Slatwall
  • Slatwall Fittings
  • Clothing Racks
  • Peg Board Prongs

Suitable for Displaying All Merchandise

Shelving Shop Group provides everything you need to create a functional and attractive store display for your retail establishments. Our wall mounted systems are suitable for hanging a range of different products. These versatile display units can hold brackets, prongs, and step rails, with heavy duty options for hanging heavier items. We also provide baskets and bins in varying sizes for carrying smaller items.

For books and brochures, we offer a range of brochure holders and magazine racks in varying sizes, which allows you to display both small and large printed materials.

For clothing stores, we offer a large selection of clothing racks in a range of sizes and styles. We offer wall mounted racks, as well as free standing options for your stores. We also stock a range of clothing racks.

Our company provides shop fittings all over New Zealand, catering to supermarkets, warehouses and other commercial establishments. The sheer variety of shop fitting supplies in our inventory allows you to customise your store display to the maximum.

Assemble or install our shop fittings yourself or let us do it for you. We can deliver and install the entire configuration at your request.

More Information

The Shelving Shop group has an expansive selection of retail shop fittings, distributed under our Shopfit NZ brand. Different types of products are best displayed using the fitting best suited for the job.

Our selection of shop fittings are designed with the needs of the retail sector in mind. Completely modular and quick to install, simply choose the shop fittings you need and start to showcase your products.