Custom Pallet RackingCustomers to a hardware store are typically looking for materials or tools for a home improvement or building project. Whether they already know what they want, or need assistance, the layout and organisation of products plays a big role in customer satisfaction.

In order to organise products, first classify the items and then consider different display options.

Classifying products

Since hardware stores and builders’ merchants offer a wide range of products, from cleaning supplies to building materials and everything in between, organising them can be a challenge. Product, price and location are the three main considerations when classifying items in any retail store.

Classification of products will depend on the variety of items you have in stock and your main customers’ requirements. You can organise products based on their use such as home and office supplies, gardening or maintenance, and then further divide the items; for example garden furniture, gardening tools and patio, or carpentry, plumbing and electrics.

Location within the store depends on the type of product. You can display consumables such as cleaning supplies closer to the door since they are the items most likely to be purchased regularly. Larger items may be stored in an area convenient for access and loading.

When pricing items, products can be classified as full-price or discounted price. To attract more customers, build a display section of discount or promotional products to help customers spot bargains.

Display options

Hardware products come in different shapes and sizes, and in order to display them effectively, you can utilise different shopfitting accessories.

Free-standing, stable and durable shelves can hold containers and boxes storing bulky materials and liquids. The positioning of shelves will establish the main store walkways for customers to follow.

To maximise the walls of your store you can install shelving systems incorporating wall strips and brackets to enable mounted shelves, slat walls, handrails and racks. They are ideal for stacking materials in plastic packaging or items stored separately, such as power tools and gardening implements.

Organising products effectively will help customers find what they are looking for more easily. A logical system of storage also improves the efficiency of personnel when assisting customers. There are many storage and display options available. It is a matter of identifying and matching your products with the right shelving solution.

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