When the year starts coming to an end, consumers become more willing to reach deep down into their pockets. In December last year, the world spent $3 trillion of holiday shopping and Kiwis did not disappoint spending some NZ$6 billion — the highest monthly spending amount ever recorded.

But behind all this fanfare are warehouses, neck-deep in inventory that constantly requires movement. Here, we give you tips on how you can prepare for the coming storm, come out unscathed and be ready for the next one.

Repair and Upgrade

Dura Racking

Before the holiday season trickles in, prepare the warehouse for the battle. Make sure every square inch of storage is in perfect working condition and workflows don’t have any problems. Think of upgrading to reliable brands like Dura Racking when replacing damaged facilities.

Technology for warehousing constantly gets updated. If you’re thinking of upgrading your workhouse, it is best to do them before the holidays to maximise its impact. Nonetheless, ensure Plan B just in case.


Extra manpower may be necessary during the busiest months. Checking your performance from last year can give you a better idea if you will be needing more hands on deck. It is crucial to avoid constantly overworking staff during this busy season.

Raise Costs

Sellers might be too optimistic during the holiday season and purchase more space than what needed. Raising prices will compel your clients to think smart about what they store and at what quantity.

Think of Returns

Warehouses are good at three things: receiving goods, storage and sending them out. But an ugly monster called “returns” will definitely rear its head during the holidays. Make sure capable processes and space are ready to accept returns.

There is no way to tell exactly when you should prepare for the holiday season. For many warehouses, preparation is a year-round affair. While it is going to be tough for warehouses, its role in making this season extra special is definitely undeniable.