A-Frame Pallet Racking

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A-Frame Pallet Racking

A-Frame Pallet Racking is an innovative design used specifically for storing product vertically. Limiting damage to product and, most importantly, saving you storage space!

Shelving Shop Group understands the unique requirements for storing goods as well as the importance of an efficient and effective warehouse. Our A-Frame pallet racking system is no exception to the rest of our products. Specifically designed to store items on their ends and to lean against the A frame. This type of racking provides easy access to all your goods in the hand picking area. Ideal for storing long, lightweight products that are best accessed by hand.

Our A-Frame pallet rack upholds the highest standards of safety. We have the option of both single and double sided A-Frames, depending on your requirements. If the rack is against a wall, you will only require one side to be angled. We also offer design options ensuring the most efficient and effective layout is utilized for your warehouse and space.

Our systems are individually considered and designed to withstand the seismic conditions throughout New Zealand, to help protect your goods against damage in the case of earthquakes.

Shelving Shop Group is passionate about helping customers maximise efficiency and storage space. Our A-Frame Pallet Racking reflects our commitment to provide high-performance racking systems.


  • Safe – no ladders or climbing required, no option of product falling off shelves
  • Adjustable –dividers easily adjusted to your requirements if product lines change
  • Easy Access – from ground level by handpicking
  • Save Space – vertical storage – not horizontal
  • Save Time – no ladders required for picking and smaller aisles needed
  • No Product Damage – no warping, bending or bowing, material leans vertically
  • Improved Visibility – order pickers can easily select the product of their choice