Safety Mesh

Safety Mesh

As a nationwide supplier of Pallet Racking, Shelving Shop Group has recently added wire mesh safety products to our range, which include Mesh Backs and Mesh Doors.

The Mesh Backs are primarily used for on the back of single runs of pallet racking and start from around the 3 metre high mark to the top of the racking. While the Mesh Doors are designed to prevent loose product from falling off the racking in the picking areas.

Mesh Backs provide protection for your staff & visitors in a wide range of situations. The backs can either be fitted to the back of the pallet racking upon installation, or can be added to your existing racking. A great option for in fridges or freezers, as it doesn’t stop the airflow.

Back Mesh Panels

Being directly bolted to the frames / uprights, this wire mesh creates a robust barrier between product & personnel; stored items & space below. Select the distance you require between the frame and mesh, and your requirements will be noted.

Sliding Mesh Doors

Being directly fitted to the beams, these sliding wire mesh doors provide ultimate protection while still providing quick access to your products. Safety with efficiency mastered.

Pallet Racking

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Standard Wire Back Mesh Sizes

  • 2700mm wide x 900mm high
  • 2700mm wide x 1200mm high
  • 3600mm wide x 900mm high
  • 3600mm wide x 900mm high
  • Other sizes available on Request


Our team is able to retro-fit the backs to your existing Pallet Racking, otherwise we are able to install at the same time, with a purchase of our Pallet Racking. We do recommend one of our qualified installers for this particular product.