pallet rackingMany people are excited by the prospect of huge savings from second-hand pallet racking. But as with anything second-hand, you should always be aware of the risks that come with the purchase. Therefore, before deciding whether to buy new or old, one should be adept at assessing the quality of the second-hand racking on offer.

For those who have been in the industry long enough, assessing second-hand items comes easily – especially when from a trusted supplier. For others, however, this can be a scary realm.

To help you make an educated decision, we will discuss the most common falsehoods of second-hand pallet racking, the real disadvantages and the components to inspect when buying.

Marketing Falsehoods

You’ll often find inaccurate information regarding buying second-hand. Usually, these fabrications come from marketers who exaggerate risks and disadvantages. Some popular myths include:

‘Only New Racking Can Fit Your Warehouse Like a Glove’

Although many new racking systems are custom-made for specific warehouses, this does not mean that second-hand racking cannot fully meet your needs. With trusted suppliers or tradesmen, second-hand racking can be modified to make bespoke solutions. For complete peace of mind, have your second-hand modified system professionally inspected to ensure it meets NZ standards.

‘It Will Cost You More’ and ‘It’s Not Safe’

It is true that some second-hand racking can lead to expensive repairs or are no longer safe. But this does not mean that all second-hand racking will cost you more, or are no longer fit for heavy-duty service. The key is finding trustworthy sellers, and have the racking inspected well before purchasing.

Real Disadvantages

Of course, there are disadvantages that come with buying second-hand, whether you inspect racking diligently or not. These include:

No Warranty

The damage that happens to second-hand racking is no longer covered by the manufacturer. So when you opt for second-hand, it is best to set aside money for maintenance or repairs.

Shorter Service Life

Second-hand racking systems have a shorter life since they have already spent years in service. You can also reinforce second-hand racking with protective guards to extend their use.

Deliberately Vague Sellers

Many companies who are trying to make money from their old racking will be deliberately vague with the system’s history. It’s safer to buy from manufacturers or trusted second-hand racking sellers as they have a reputation to maintain, and will thoroughly assess the items before purchasing and reselling them.

What to Ask and Watch Out For

When looking around for second-hand racking, it is best to have your in-house inspector come along. But to give you an idea, some of the things you can ask or look for include:

  • Bent Diagonals
  • Loose components
  • Rust
  • Poor Welding
  • Poorly improvised joints
  • Maintenance history
  • Loading Information

Second-hand racking, although not as good as new, can provide a reliable short-term solution for many businesses. Here at Shelving Shop Group, we offer an extensive range of pallet racking systems, with a limited supply of second-hand components available.

With 25 years of leading NZ storage, you can trust that we only provide products that comply with the highest standards of quality and safety. For superior warehouse storage solutions, contact Shelving Shop Group today.