A-Span Shelving

Our heavy duty longspan shelving system combines innovation and precision engineering for a robust storage solution. It is ideal for use as garage shelving, warehousing, in retail shops and more.

This system is easy to assemble, yet designed to be both stable and durable without the need for additional tools. Simply clip together each shelf — there is no need for screws, nuts or bolts. Available in a range of sizes, this longspan racking is easy to adjust and expand at your leisure, which allows you to maximise the space available with ease.

Since it has a clip together system, it can also be disassembled and transferred with ease — easily move your shelving when you relocate or expand your business.

With a high load capacity that can carry up to 600kg UDL per shelf, this racking system is an ideal solution for all of your storage needs.

At Shelving Shop, all of our shelving is designed to withstand the tough conditions of New Zealand. Our longspan shelving is ideal for use with heavy items such as liquor bottles and other metal parts. Its versatile design can also be combined with storage baskets and bins.

Shelving Shop is always looking for new ways to improve our commercial shelving systems.

A-span shelving offers:

  • Cost and space efficient system
  • Medium duty system for warehouse or parts storage
  • P Beam for extra strenth – stronger than the Z Beam
  • Rated at up to 600kg Uniformly Distributed Load per shelf (UDL)
  • Simple, clip together assembly – no screws, nuts or bolts
  • Safety pins to lock beams in place
  • We recommend shelf supports for under the MDF, if you are storing heavy loads