Retail store display and spaceThere are numerous factors in the success of any retail store, including product quality, price, promotion and location. One factor that is often overlooked is the store’s layout. Though it may seem like a relatively minor element in the grand scheme, the store layout can have a profound effect on a customer’s overall experience. A poor layout disturbs the flow of your store and can lead to cramped rooms and long lines. Studies show that 75 per cent of customers who were forced to wait more than 5 minutes left the store and promptly abandoned their purchase.

It is crucial to maximise your retail space and optimise your layout. The way you arrange and display your goods goes a long way in enticing customers, and your employees will have an easier time moving around the store.

Here are a few ways to create an optimal store layout:

Enhance your storefront to grab shoppers’ attention

One of the very first things passers-by will notice is the store facade. It also the first deciding factor that dictates whether a customer will enter. As far as storefronts are concerned, it makes great financial sense to make a good impression.

Your storefront should communicate your identity and how you want your store to be perceived. Display your specialities, your most interesting goods or any trendy product in your collection prominently at the front. Studies show that customers will likely leave the store within the first 30 seconds if they are not impressed with your front displays.

Optimise the front right section

Most customers veer towards the right when they enter, before walking counter-clockwise around the store. With that in mind, the front right section is where your best displays should be, as it will be their first point of contact in your store interior.

The main principle to follow is that you should take your customers on a journey around your store. Entice them, and gradually unravel what the shop has to offer. Your main shopping area should act as the culmination, the fulfilment of the ‘promises’ that your initial displays offered.

Create Breathing Space

The number one problem you should avoid is clutter. If there is too much going on in one area, your customers will likely walk off. Avoid crowding sections with too many shelves and arrange your display equipment in a manner that will give your customers and employees space to move around.

Never clump too many products together, otherwise none of your products will stand out. Separate them or leave some space in between so that customers will more readily notice them. Create breaks and stopping points to refresh your customers’ line of sight and give them the opportunity to refocus on your other products.

Additionally, utilising wall mounted displays will help you save space and allow your other products to stand out. RMS manufactures a complete set of wall brackets and channels that can withstand seismic activities in New Zealand.

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